Success Stories

Laura, IL

“My Care Coach genuinely cared about me and my progress. I’ve learned to deal with people better. Accept that there are things I can’t control. I can remove myself from these situations that cause anxiety.”

Carson, VA

“Working with a therapist and a coach who worked with me on my situation and allowed me to express my feelings without judgement changed my life. Ontrak brings for me hope for a better tomorrow.”

Kay, TX

“I like most that y’all keep up with me so much. My Ontrak care team changed my life by giving me an outlet to talk about my issues health wise, mentally, while providing a caring voice when you need it most.”

Shellie, TX

“The Ontrak program did exactly what its name says – it got me back on track. If you are wanting to improve your life, want to just find a different avenue or help with anything, Ontrak gives all the tools.

James, IL

“The Ontrak program encouraged me to let go of the issues I was having with my family. I’ve learned to be at peace with controlling my own reactions and to keep from retaliating.”

Jennifer, PA

“I joined the Ontrak program because I was in a very dark place in my life and I was not coping well. In the past year, I have learned to be happy again. I finally found purpose in my life.”

Adam, ME

Julie, CT

Tim, NY

Ann, TX

Oscar, FL

Jo, VA